I recently had a team call with everyone on the team (well, almost everyone) and I surprised myself with the number of people that were on the call. I have a few more joining in the next couple of weeks too.

Most are for the topical map service, while the others are for my niche sites. I'm finding a lot less time to spend on my niche sites, so I felt it's about time to train people to operate the sites.

I'm also looking for writers and editors for current and new sites. In the world of ChatGPT, AI rewriters, and other fun AI tools, I've had to adjust my own process of how I do things and how I find good people.

I am planning new sites that will use AI content generation and human editors for fact-checking and personality. One of the things I do as part of the application process is a paid editing test.

Here are a few of the things I do in the editing test to find the cream of the crop:

  • I add in false facts - Fact-checking is really important when it comes to AI content, so this weeds out the lazy ones.
  • I create an illogical order of headings - Are the editors able to look at the bigger picture of the article?
  • Write a conclusion - Did the editors read the article and are they able to encapsulate it in a conclusion? (Whether or not I add a conclusion to articles, this is an important skill to have)
  • Add different POVs - Part of my instructions is to make it a first-person POV, so I randomize it throughout the article. Are they able to see that?

Those are just a few things that I put into the article for editing. If you're employing human editors, are those things that your editor is checking for?

Everyone's looking for a quick and easy way to do things these days, but it's never as good quality. If you're going to put in 20% effort, especially with AI now, what do you realistically hope to get back?

AI can be a great time and money saver, but are you adapting to it to improve upon the quality?

I'll leave you with one thought:

Yes, AI is a threat.

BUT, AI is also a big opportunity IF you can adapt to it.

If you're looking to produce the same quality content that you're putting out now, but with AI, you're destined to fail.

Maybe I'll talk more about that next week.


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