Hey Niche Surfers!

I hope you all had a fantastic week!

I am thrilled to announce that I am now using ChatGPT Plus! Yes, I'm one of the privileged few who got an invite to pay $20 to use it (if only that privilege gave me real perks 😅).

And they already released the Alpha version of Turbo. It gives you faster responses, but the quality hasn't been as good.

I also soft-launched the Topical Maps Unlocked course on Monday to all the presale students and it seems to be going over well! 🤞

I'm prepping for the official launch of it now, creating a proper sales page and everything. I'll hopefully have that ready by mid-week if I can. I will say that building a good sales page is more difficult than it sounds.

And that's it...I'll leave you with a limerick written by ChatGPT Plus for the Niche Surfer community:

In the world of niche sites, they excel
These Surfers, their skills they'll never sell
With ChatGPT's help, they're ahead
Their content, always well read
Their success, a story they'll always tell!




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