This week I have a special guest intro for the newsletter - Dustin Hyle from Iridium Hosting!

Dustin commented on one of my Tweets how he got an investor because of the Niche Surfer newsletter! When I saw it, I immediately asked him about it and got the story. I thought it was really cool and asked him to write something up so I can share with all of you.

Here's his story and below is also more information about why Iridium stood above the others to get investment.

From Dustin Hyle -

Here's the full chain of events and a little about Iridium Hosting.

I heard your interview on the Niche Pursuits podcast.

You had a much faster revenue growth than most people so that made you stand out to me. Because of that, I signed up to your newsletter.

I've been following Spencer for years and due to the location on his Twitter bio, I knew he lived very close to me. I never reached out because I didn't want to be some random creeper from the internet.

However when he announced his plan to do Niche Ventures and start some small investments, I somehow missed it. I woke up one morning and pulled up your newsletter while still in bed (as I commonly do) and I read your coverage of it.

I felt like it was a sign, I needed to apply and reach out to Spencer. I got up and got showered because the application process was a video.

I filmed a few takes of my video telling Spencer about Iridium Hosting.

Spencer emailed me the next day and said he was interested.

We hopped on a call and talked about the business. Then we met up for dinner and discussed more.

After that dinner we went back and forth a little bit and came to a fair agreement. So Spencer has a minority ownership of Iridium Hosting as the first investment from Niche Ventures.

Dustin Hyle - Niche Creator  


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