It's now 2 weeks into 2021...

I feel like I haven't done as much as I planned out to do. I had these grandiose plans of a big content blitz, but of course it hasn't quite been a blitz.

I'm not getting the keyword research and content outlines out fast enough for writers. With the writing, part of it is also testing out new writers and the old writers adjusting to a different writing process.

The old process used to be I create an Outline in Frase. Then I copy/paste it to a Google Doc. Give them the Google Doc link and they write. They tell me the content is done, I copy/paste it into Frase. I optimize the content and then publish on the site.

I'm now sharing the Frase outlines directly through the Frase platform, so they can optimize for keywords when they write. No more Google Doc and a big time-saver with content optimization.

The early feedback from the writers is they do like it, because Frase also offers a research component to it. Frase gives them quick access to information without having to go to Google all the time.

In the cool category of other news this week, Spencer Haws interviewed me for his Niche Pursuits podcast. Should be out in the next few weeks. Also lining up to do another podcast this coming week too.

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