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With more and more great content and resources focused on AI for SEO and digital marketing, I had to add a new category in the newsletter - AI!

No more trying to fit AI articles into existing categories.

While I now feel a little more free to include AI-related content, Red Ventures told their staff on Friday that they're stopping the use of AI to write articles on CNET, Bankrate, and (at least temporarily).

It seems that they had their own proprietary tool that grabbed data from various sources to generate articles.

It'll be interesting to see what Google does (if anything) to adjust their algorithms with the noise that's been created.

Many large sites/companies have been using AI-generated content for many years now, since 2014 for Red Ventures alone. But now that it's in the public eye and not just localized to the SEO space, will Google adjust any?

If I was Google and getting ready to put out 20 AI tools and a chatbot feature this year, I'd take advantage of the public outrage to tweak the SERPs even more (much like what they've done to maximize their earnings in the last few months).

The low-hanging fruit is to find keywords in the author byline and any AI-disclosures in the content to mark them as "AI-generated content - information may not be factual" in the SERPs.

Next step would then be to use their algos to identify and mark content as "possibly AI-generated" in the SERPs.

What do you think? Would you want to know if content was possibly AI-generated and the content is not factual?

It's a similar question to paid ads and sponsored posts. There are regulations around that content now. Even if the content wasn't AI-generated, the influencers or sites sharing the content probably didn't generate the content themselves. They're usually given scripts to write.

I've turned down paid ads and sponsorship opportunities because they wanted me to share Tweets, newsletter mentions, blog articles, and others without saying it was an ad, paid, or sponsored.

The money is nice to have, but I also believe that it's important to let people know if the glowing comments were paid for.

That's just me though... 😃


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