If you've been subscribed to Niche Surfer, you've already heard me talk about how building topical authority is important to improve your SEO and increase organic traffic to your website.

The most powerful tool for achieving this and Step 1 is through the use of topical maps before publishing a single word on your niche site.

I've seen some more "topical map" services pop up. Some are SEO agencies that have done it for a while already as part of their content strategy, but now packaging it as a "topical map" service. Other services come from freelancers.

However, before you rush to purchase a service or hire a freelancer, it's important to understand what a true topical map is and what it should accomplish for your website.

Here's something I replied to a potential client recently after they showed me a "topical map" delivery. They weren't happy with it and I might've mentioned it was a poor excuse of a topical map.

Topical maps take a lot of work and at minimum should include:

  • All the categories, main topics, and subtopics for your seed keyword/niche.
  • A topical hierarchy of all the topics for a clear and organized representation of the topics and their relationships.

I share a portion of a full topical map that I use as a sample on - spiral stairs example.

As just one part, it already has nearly 300 topics that could be written on. That's on spiral staircases too. Not exactly something that's in high demand.

So imagine your seed keyword was something more popular like "golf clubs" and your topical map had 50 topics on it. Do you think that's even close to what would get you topical authority?

Check out the WordAgents new site case study below. They ordered a topical map from and shares their thoughts. I especially love the "kid in a candy store" comment.

Here's to all of you and getting your candy too this week!



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