Happy New Year, niche surfers!

A couple things I'm continuing to focus on in 2023 is the topical authority and AI.

How can I marry the two to create a winning formula for niche sites? That's the question I'll be continuing to explore in the coming year.

One low-hanging fruit that many people are already trying is using AI writers to create content to publish.

While that'll work in the short-term, I don't think that's a long-term solution by any means. I've seen successes in the short term myself with mostly AI content, but I've had also had hits to the sites and duds.

Long-term success has yet to be proven though as AI-content just hasn't been around long enough to truly gauge its staying potential - especially with the constant Google Updates and how they adjust to the flood of AI-content.

That's one reason why I think the two December Google Updates, Helpful Content Update and Spam Update, are still not finished yet.

My focus on utilizing AI isn't on the content creation side, but rather the before and after stages of creating content. That's where I've been looking to find ways to use AI to streamline and optimize my workflow.

For example, AI tools can help with keyword research, site auditing, and even link building. These are all important tasks that can take up a lot of time and effort, so the hope is for AI to handle some of the heavy lifting.

I'll be continuing to explore the ways in which AI can improve my processes!



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