2022 has just flown by! It seems like it was just yesterday I was creating an image to use for the first newsletter in 2022.

The biggest things I've done this year is to put myself out there more through Twitter and the Niche Creator interviews I've done in Niche Surfer. Both have allowed me to meet some amazing people virtually and learn a lot from them.

I've also started to focus a lot more on topical authority and topical maps, allowing me to productize my topical map service. I used to only do it for clients on a customized basis, but was able to find a way to create 3 separate packages off of it.

I didn't really know how a topical maps service would do when I started it, but I've been lucky that it's grown quickly. Within 3 months of launch, I've reached 5-figures per month.

I definitely didn't expect it to grow this fast! I even had to stop taking orders on the highest Authority Package because of bandwidth limits. It's not a service that's easily scaleable due to the manual process of creating topical maps and still ensuring a high quality delivery.

But that's also led me to creating my first online course - Topical Maps Unlocked: Topical Authority Made Simple.

The course will teach everyone how to create and use topical maps. I've done a lot of teaching and coaching in my day, and I really love to help people learn how to do things themselves.

I plan to make it as simple as possible to reach a wider audience. I feel that many people have wrapped the topical authority and topical maps in some secretive veil that's only for the best SEOs out there. They throw a bunch of patents and technical terms out there to confuse people - sooo not needed.

No one shows their topical maps either. Or they share tool-generated "topical maps" that are not useful. They're not usable to draft a content plan or site structure from. They're a bunch of keywords that are linked to each other based on similar words and not by topic hierarchy or even SERPs. See what my topical maps look like.

Be sure to get in on the course pre-sale that ends in 15 hours (from the delivery of this email). When the Big Apple drops in New York, that's when the pre-sale ends!

I'll be sharing more stuff in 2023 as it comes closer to the planned launch on Jan. 23rd.

Until then - Happy New Year and see you in 2023!

I'll also leave you with a ChatGPT poem at the end of the newsletter.



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ChatGPT and the Digital Landscape Future - Poem

Niche sites, SEO, Niche Surfer, Topical maps, the building blocks of the web, Guiding us through the digital landscape, Helping us to be seen, to be heard, To stand out from the crowd.

In 2023 and beyond, They will continue to thrive, Adapting and evolving, As the internet changes and grows.

Niche sites, small and specialized, Focused on a single topic or theme, Bringing depth and expertise, To a world of endless information.

SEO, the science of search, Optimizing and ranking, Helping us to reach our audience, To connect and engage.

Niche Surfer, explorer of the web, Navigating through the vastness of the internet, Discovering hidden treasures, Guided by the compass of SEO.

Topical maps, a roadmap to success, Organizing and categorizing, The information we seek, Helping us to find our way, Through the complexity of the web.

Together, they journey through the digital landscape, Leading us to success, In a world of endless possibility. We salute you, oh champions of the web.


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