A couple exciting things happened this week:

1. Case Study - Topical Authority + Programmatic SEO

I teamed up with Dim and Paul to launch a new case study that brings together 3 of the hottest strategies to building niche sites: Topical Authority, Topical Maps, and Topical Authority.

More on the case study below in the Case Study section.

2. Course - Topical Maps Unlocked: Topical Authority Made Simple

I'll be launching my first course ever! I've created it with the goal to help others build topical authority through topical maps.

I'm finalizing the course outline and will be announcing a Presale to the course next week. It'll be offered at a significant discount to reward the early birds who want to learn about topical authority.

Topical authority is often made out to be a very complicated strategy because of the technical jargon and concepts in SEO like semantics, entities, patents, natural language processing (NLP), etc.

All that is good to know as background info, but the more important thing is the how of actually building topical maps and topical authority. How to use topical maps to flesh out content plans, guide internal linking, anchor text, and site architecture.

I'll also be doing an over-the-shoulder topical map creation on a niche and seed keyword that the early bird students will help me choose! This will help everyone learn how to apply everything practically in the course.

I plan to make this course as simple as possible so it's accessible. I want to demystify topical authority and topical maps for everyone because I feel it's the way forward for the future. Others seem to agree as well.

I shared a Twitter poll this week asking people which approach is best for long-term success: Low-Competition Keyword VS Topical Authority Approaches. Here are the results:

  • 55% of people say the Topical Authority approach better
  • 30% couldn't decide which would be better
  • 15% favored Low-Competition approach

I've been wanting to do a course for some time and it seems to be a great time for it. This is a challenge that I'm looking forward to!

More to come! 😄


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