ChatGPT - it's been all about this the past week. Every single newsletter has mentioned it (including me right now).

Every other Tweet is about ChatGPT. Every other Twitter thread is written by ChatGPT now (no source, just a guess).

Content sites with ChatGPT-created content are getting spun up (no source). At least the GPT-3.5 content will be easier to read than some of the GPT-2 and GPT-3 content out there. My brain is already hurting less from reading.

Bad and mediocre writers are changing their pants after they soiled themselves when testing ChatGPT (no source).

So what can you do to compete with ChatGPT? Will AI content replace writers and artists?

Well, I did what anyone would do. I went to the source and asked if it will replace creators. Here's what ChatGPT said:

"It's unlikely that AI will completely replace writers and artists. While AI technology has advanced significantly in recent years, it still has a long way to go before it can fully replicate the creativity and individuality of human artists...AI is a tool that can be used by humans, but it doesn't have the ability to completely replace them."

I asked ChatGPT: "Are you sure? I see AI content that's really good. Some writers and artists aren't that good." It replied back:

"While it's true that there is some AI-generated content that is impressive, it's important to remember that the technology is still in its early stages. As a result, AI-generated content is often not as good as content created by human writers and artists."

There you have it. What can you do?


Be an authority. Be a brand.

AI won't be an authority on any topic unless you trained it to be. AI can't be a brand, but you and your site can.

Work on topical authority and increase brand awareness. Create content across multiple platforms.

With the ways things are going, it's gotten me to think more about consolidating into fewer projects to have the bandwidth to build them into larger brands.

Are you going to be making any changes?


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