I have my Black Friday shopping list and as I started to purchase, the money added up quickly!

Everything was a hundred here, a hundred there, a few hundred here, and so on...

After a few of those, you start wondering - Do I REALLY need this?

I know I've over-purchased credits and tools sometimes because I believe I'll use them. I often do use them, but there are times where I don't.

But one area that gives me the best deals is web hosting. With a little tech know-how or being a good Googler, you can manage your own VPS server for significantly less than the usual places.

I'll usually get servers for new sites. Of course you'll need to do your due diligence on these smaller companies, so there's a little background digging you need to do to see what's reputable.

I've started getting into programmatic SEO, so these VPS servers are really great for spinning up a site and letting it sit there. I don't have to worry about a few dollars a month per site. It'll be a few dollars for many sites.

For example, Racknerd's Black Friday deals includes a 4.5GB VPS server for $48.77 per year, just over $4 per month. Compare that to Vultr (my go-to for my larger, money sites) and its 1GB VPS servers starting at $5 per month, $60 per year.

I've put 10 small sites on a Racknerd 3GB VPS server that was ~$35 during BF last year. That's less than 30 cents per site per month. With Vultr, I used to be able to get 3-4 small sites on a 1GB High-Frequency VPS Server that's $6 a month, so that comes out to about $2 per site per month.

As the startup sites grow in size and traffic, I'll start moving them to servers with less sites per server or to a server on its own.

Racknerd also has shared hosting (like Siteground, WPX), but I'm not sure how good those are. I probably wouldn't use a smaller company when you're sharing IP addresses because you never know what other types of sites are on your IP. A big advantage to using a VPS server is you get your own IP address.

So for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, take a beat on those deals that you're on the fence on. Get those deals for products and services that you regularly use first.

Then take a look at how much you've spent and you may no longer be on the fence anymore. 😉

See the Black Friday Deals Page on Niche Surfer.


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