Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here! Have you been creating your shopping list of toys to get?

It's a great time to renew annual tools. Although many tools do say it's only for new customers, you can always try to sign up with a different email address (don't tell me you only have one email address).

Some tools will let you keep the price and others will revert to the regular price for renewals. But when the expiration is coming, that's when another round of BF deals show up and you can get their deal prices.

I've started to add some of the better products and services for content creators like us to the Black Friday Deals Page on Niche Surfer. There are deals I haven't added on there yet because the product/service hasn't announced the deals yet, so I'll be sharing them in a few days.

I will also send out a special BF issue mid-week, so be on the look out for that.

I'll be doing a BF deal myself for topical maps, but since it's not a tool or course, it's hard to a huge discount. But I'll still be doing one!

25% Off Expansion Packs and 10% Off Starter and Authority Package orders.

The discounts are valid from Nov. 25th to 30th, but if you reply to this email and ask nicely, I'll give you the deal now. It'll also help me to make sure your topical maps aren't delayed due to too many orders being done.

Lots of good stuff this week, so on with the show...

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