Today is my son's birthday and he wanted to go driving, so we took him indoor go karting.

These go karts for kids were also made to drift, so they were hard for him to control at first. But once he went a couple laps and got the hang of the go kart sliding, he was going all out.

He was even doing 360s going into turns to show off and then would finish off the turn.

It's very similar to the firsts that we experience in building and growing niche sites. We're always tentative and make sure we're doing things well the first time we do something:

  • Building your first niche site
  • Writing your first article
  • Outreaching for your first backlink
  • Outsourcing your first article
  • Hiring your first VA
  • And all your other firsts

But once that first is out of the way, that's when the fun begins!

You start ramping up because your site is gaining more traffic and money. You start thinking that this can be something you do long term and have some fun with.

My son reminded me that this wave we're all riding should be fun. Have fun and don't be afraid to show off. Share your knowledge with others and pay it forward like others have done for you.

Have a lot of fun this weekend and next week!



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