Let's start off with what everyone is waiting for...the 2 winners of the topical map giveaway are:

The *'s do represent letters, so there are 7 letters in the middle I removed to protect the email. There shouldn't be false positives based on the emails entered in the draw.

I will email you to redeem your topical map extension pack!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered!

It's great to see the interest in topical maps too!

If you didn't win the giveaway, don't fret! For the Issue 100 anniversary and launch of, there's a 20% OFF discount on all packages!

All you need to do is enter this discount code at checkout: HAPPY100

I'll give everyone another week for the discount. Although, I may have to turn off orders earlier due to my bandwidth capacity.

Now, onto the good stuff from this week!

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