Niche Surfer hits 100!

Unbelievable how time flies (especially as I get older)!

I looked back at how far the newsletter and the community have come since Issue #1. I went through a few iterations of the newsletter as well.

If you've been with me since #1, you may have noticed slight changes. That's just how it goes. Making small adjustments along the way. The same is true of my niche sites as well.

I find ways to optimize the technical side of the site or in the content. Always striving to improve them and never settling. I'm not saying that sites have to be perfect or that you have to be a perfectionist at all. I'm saying that you should always be striving to improve.

I see way too many people and sites that are "amazing" and "have no issues," so there should be no reason that they were hit in the Google Update - BUT they were still hit.

When I audit their sites, I often find many ways that the site can be better. Most of the time, the site owners will realize what I see, but that's only because I pointed it out. It's hard to look at your own sites objectively.

I'll continue to look for ways to improve the newsletter, as well as getting feedback from all of you. I listen to everything and want to make the newsletter more useful to you.

Now, with that out of the way. I can't go 100 newsletters without giving away some things!

In the past, I've given away keyword research credits and SaaS licenses, but those were always products and services from others. This time, I'm giving away something of my own!

I'm giving away 2 topical maps!

More information in the next section!

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