Welcome to the 1st Niche Surfer Newsletter!

Exciting times with this first send!

So you know what to expect, I curate and share links to sites that will help you on your niche site journeys. I will also share my own case studies, because I always find learning from real situations is the most impactful.

I want to focus on sharing links to items that will help us generate more traffic, which turns into more money. Whether you want visitors to view ads or you want to them click an affiliate link, you need traffic.

The main areas that you can expect to see here are Case Studies, Income Reports, SEO, Tools, and the all-important Writing Great Content.

We just began a new month, which means all of us niche site owners received our earnings stats for ads and affiliate commissions. I've collected a number of income reports from bloggers that I follow. I'll do this monthly and I hope that you get as much out of them as I do.

Oh, and my name is Yoyao. I blog over at if you want to stay up to date there too.

Note: If you have a good resource and would like to be included, please send it to me and I'll take a look!

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